Hong Kong’s leading bespoke tailors visiting Tokyo X eightframe

Hong Kong’s leading bespoke tailors visiting Tokyo

Next Tokyo visitation dates: May 25th-28th

Our Suit Connoisseur Vinod Bahrunani has visited Tokyo eight times a year since 1989. He tailors bespoke suits at Hong Kong’s bargain prices.


  • Send an email to sales@euromerican.com (for trip schedule)
  • Call mobile 080 4130 0091 (on visit dates)
  • Call hotel (on visit dates) ANA InterContinental Tokyo 1-12-33 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (813) 3505 1111

Suits from $395 (¥43,000)

Tuxedos from $595 (¥65,000)

Overcoats from $650 (¥170,000)

Blazers from $275 (¥30,000)

Trousers from $135 (¥15,000)

Ladies’ Suits from $395 (¥43,000)

Shirts from $69 (¥7,500) – minimum four shirts

Other superfine quality suits from $550 (¥60,000) to $2,200 (¥240,000)

All prices in USD (excluding shipping); delivery within two weeks

Euro Merican Fashions – one of Hong Kong’s leading ladies’ and men’s bespoke tailors – has been providing long-lasting, well-fitted clothing; personalized tailoring; exclusive fabrics; and timeless styles since 1960. From inception to completion Euro Merican Fashions offers the most personal experience. A wide variety of traditional or contemporary styles to suit your needs, well constructed garments specially made for you. All this leads to perfected craftsmenship simply resulted from a private consultation.

Visit www.euromericanfashions.com for trip schedule.