See Through Your Love For Two Classic Fonts


All writers, designers, typesetters and lovers of printed letters in Japan now have a new option when it comes to vision aids. Eyewear brand TYPE has designed glasses based on the style elements of two of the most-beloved fonts - Gramont and Helvetica. Each font inspired a three-part series of glasses including a bold, fine and regular version which are available in three colors.

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The brand has just opened its second pop-up-shop in Tokyo from 4/26 (Sat) to 5/6 (Tue) at 1LDK apartments in Nakameguro. The first pop-up shop that opened earlier this year just off Cat Street in Harajuku sold out its glasses in a matter of days. 24,840yen including tax is the price you to have to pay for the pride you take in always picking the perfect font.

You can try on the glasses or have your picture taken in the photo shooting space and have all six models projected on your face to see which font and style suits you best. The photos will be uploaded on TYPE official Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #TYPE1LDK.

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TYPE Pop-up Shop @ 1LDK apartments Date: 2014/4/26 (Sat) ~ 5/6 (Tue), 12:00 ~ 21:00 Place: 1LDK apartments (1F, 1-7-13 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku)

Written by
Mareike Dornhege
Provided by TYPE