Delvaux Gallery, Omotesando


Delvaux, established in 1829 in Brussels, by Charles Delvaux, is one of the world’s oldest leather goods brands. Known for its exceptional craftsmanship the company still hand makes every product in its two workshops located in France and Belgium. Delvaux is especially well-known, in the fashion industry, for its iconic Le Brillant bag which was first created for the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels.

Delvaux has been available, for some time, in select stores in Japan such as Dover Street Market in Ginza and the Hankyu Umeda store in Osaka. However, from April 26th – June 22nd Delvaux will be occupying a space on the third floor of Omotesando’s Gyre Building in an effort to expand the brand’s reach into Asia. The Delvaux Gallery and Pop-Up store’s aim is to introduce Japan-based consumers to the label’s history, artisanship and hand-crafted products and a chance to reach into the brand’s history and heritage.

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The company’s commercial director, Geraldine de Vulpian, told eightframe that, “We wanted to reach out to our customers in Asia and actually after the Delvaux Gallery finishes in June we are planning to have a permanent location on the ground floor of the Gyre Building sometime in August.”

The gallery and temporary store, designed by Junji Tanigawa, is a beautifully designed space and a perfect opportunity for Delvaux to open up a serious dialogue with its customers in Japan.

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Written by
Paul McInnes
Austin James Rea