Beautyworld Tokyo


A crack team from eightframe infiltrated the Beautyworld cosmetics industry tradeshow in Tokyo Big Sight last month. From infrared bandages to chocolate supplements Beautyworld had it covered.

Beautyworld Japan is the largest trade fair for the beauty and spa market in Japan. This year’s Tokyo edition had 538 exhibitors from 15 countries with a total attendance of 57,638 over the three day period.

Held in Big Sight on Tokyo Bay Beautyworld attracted buyers and experts from the multi-billion yen cosmetics industry. A mostly female crowd flocked to the venue to sample and purchase goods before they become readily available in stores around the globe.

Korean cosmetics are huge in Japan with affordable brands such as Missha and Etude House leading the way with unusual ingredients such as snail. On top of this Japanese women flock to Korea every year for the sole reason of buying cheaper and better quality cosmetics. At Beautyworld, however, the Korean stalls were showcasing their new advances in cosmetech such as LED face masks.

Korean firms such as Danil SMC and GTG introduced a range of eye-catching masks with a variety of cosmetic functions. Danil SMC’s V-cat lifting mask and the Opera LED mask focus on electroporation which increases cell viability dramatically and has an additional Oxygen supply unit. Founder Daniel Kim advised users to limit use to about 20 minutes a day for full, noticeable effect.

GTG’s DEESE Spectrum Mask can be used in three wavelengths which can target acne and antimicrobial effect, skin rejuvenation and brightening, and blood circulation.

Chinese representatives were also in attendance to wow Japanese buyers and consumers. KES Medical Ltd. was determined to change Japanese attitudes to Chinese technology through new tech breakthroughs in skincare.

The Beijing based company displayed its water oxygen jet system which goes to battle with acne and wrinkle removal. Also available was cryolipolysis system which is a new non-invasive method to reduce fat in targeted areas of the body. KES is a supplier to clinics around the world but a spokesperson said they were looking towards home use for some of the machines in the near future.

Japanese brand PYR Sealing introduced an infrared bandage which revolutionizes weight loss and metabolism and it proved to be a major attraction at this year’s event.

The “magic wrap” can be used for dieting, insulation, boosting metabolism and dealing with sweating issues. The user applies a cream on to areas such as arms, legs or stomach, wraps the red bandage around the focal point and removes it after 15 minutes.

Japanese consumers are jumping on the supplement bandwagon after years of lagging behind. One firm, Withus Corp, showcased a Belgian chocolate supplement to entice dieters who want the best of both worlds. A company spokesperson suggested that users take three small pieces of chocolate before meals to see a significant weight reduction over a few weeks. Available in white and dark varieties the sugarless chocolate, which contains added collagen, boasts that you will see a 5cm reduction in waist size in a few weeks.

Overall Beautyworld was a mixed bag of affairs. Some of the products on display looked cutting edge or at least were trying to do something fresh and new in an expanding market. However, some of the participating companies looked shabby or badly presented so quality control is something that organizers should look at more for future editions.

Written by
Paul McInnes
Austin Rea